Registration of business name or company in Nigeria is not for everyone. The capacity of the persons who want to register the business name matters to the commission., pub-4436339061114352, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Tips for Company and Business name registration in Nigeria, there are alot of steps to take to do business registration in Nigeria.

In this blog post, we explain the requirements and Capacity of the persons, who want to register a business.

These tips are also necessary for company registration, complying with the steps is what determines the success of the application.

A business name or company can be registered upon completion of the required proedures.

How to register a business name in Nigeria in 2022, depends on the capacity of the applicant.

Under the current and extant rules in the CAMA 2020, Registration of business names and company is not all comers affairs.

How to know if you are eligible to register a business name or company in Nigeria.

First ,it is advisable to find an experienced cac consultant. advise on your eligibility determines the success of the application.


i. A perosn less than 18 years of age.

ii. A person of unsound mind found so by a court of law in Nigeria or elsewhere.

iii. A person bankrupt and not yet discharged .

iv. A person disqualified from being a director in nigeria by section 281 & 283 of CAMA 2020.

It is important to note that if your are an adult, you can add your under-aged child as a director in a company.

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This can be done by having two adult directors in your company.

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in recent times, the corporate affairs commission,upgraded their portal and enhanced the capability of their public usability.

we make no haste to spill the information that company registration has been so far been simplified.

if you still ask questions on how to start and complete your company registration in Nigeria.

in this post we put a guide ,a step by step procedures to register your first company in Nigeria.

Steps And Requirements for Company Registration in Nigeria.

i. Select a company Name(s)

ii.Go to an Accredited cac agent

iii.Submit Your Proposed/selected Names

iv. Submit Your federal government Identity card or Your International Passport for foreigners.

v. Cac Agent conducts name search for your selected company

vi. Submit Your company objectives,and goals.

vi.Submit your company management team if you wish.

vii.Shareholders are formed if you wish

viii. Submit personal information of shareholders,such as date of birth,email address,phone number,and identity cards.

ix. Cac Agent allocates share units to each share holder,as you wish.

x. Fill the Necessary cac forms online for this registration for each shareholder ,and secretary if you choose.

xi. Pay cac filing fees for share capital you choose or mandated by the commission.

xii. Pay federal inland revenue service vat fee for the registration.

xiii. Cac Agent prepares your company memorandum and articles of association.

xv. Cac agent pays and submits your Application for company registration.


in the process of registration of the company, your application might be queried by the commission.

Choosing a cac agent helps you to navigate the query . we help you if you choose us.

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