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Dating or relationship apps have become very popular over the past few years. You can now easily get partners, or even friends from there, depending on which one you want.

Most of the top relationship apps have gone beyond mere platforms where two single people meet and become partners. You can even get friends, business partners, and chatmates.

Additionally, most dating apps have updated their features to include video messaging and other amazing features so you can get to know each other very well before you get to meet in person.

Which dating apps are the best in the United States? This post has answers to that. We have made a list of the top 10 dating apps, which are obviously the best for finding almost any kind of partner you want.

Best Relationship/Dating Apps in 2023

1. Tinder

When we talk of the best relationship apps, Tinder comes first, no doubt about that. In fact, most people who patronize relationship apps know Tinder offers the best service, which can meet almost any type of relationship need.

Tinder has many features that can help you learn a bit about the person you find okay. With its short bio and photo profiles, you can run some background checks. Plus, it allows you to choose the age range, location, and appearance that you expect from your potential partner.

Its Paid-plus or Gold membership has other advanced features. Upgrading to it gives you access to premium features like choosing where your selection of potential partners should come from, in-app video calls that can help you get to know your to-be partner before meeting up, and other packed features.

2. Bumble

Bumble also tops the list of the best dating apps. It’s one of the few apps that encourages women to strike first. Even if you are not in it for romance, Bumble has different features, some of which allow you to meet new friends.

When two people connect mutually, it allows women to make the first move. You are allotted a maximum of 24 hours to make a choice before the connection is dismissed.

For lesbians and gays, that is, a same-sex connection, could also be for just friendship. Either of the two people can strike first under 24 hours or else the connection will disappear afterwards. Fortunately, you can get an extra 24 hours to make a decision.


Additionally, Bumble has special features for people who are not in it to find a date, like people who are just there to make friends or for business meetups.

Also, the premium package known as Bumble Boost has special features to increase your chances of meeting your date or would-be friends. Upgrading prices is from $2.99 and up. The package also includes features like video chats.

3. OkCupid

OkCupid is a fascinating app due to its consistent feature updates and additions. This is what makes it unique among dating apps.

It now has a feature known as “flavor,” which allows you to choose features such as the likes, height, appearance, jobs, etc., you would want your potential dates to possess.

The chat section also features features like personality quizzes, Instagram integration, and past favorites. The premium package  allows you other amazing features, like viewing people who have liked your potential match before, video chats etc.

4. Match.Com

Match is unique in the sense that its freemium plan allows you quite a lot of features, unlike other top dating apps.

With its free plan, one can set up a profile, add a few pictures, and even get a selection of daily date recommendations delivered to them. However, features like checking who viewed your profile or liked your pictures can only be accessed with a paid subscription.

Match has other advanced features like video chats, mixers, Apple Watch integration, and adding video and voice snippets in your profile. Additionally, there’s a security feature that allows you to notify friends that you are on a date but feel unsafe where you are. Also, you can pay relationship coaches a token to help you choose a match.

5. Grindr

Grindr is built specifically for gay and lesbian people to meet up with their fellow lesbians and gays. Signing up and profile setting are pretty simple on Grindr; what is required is just a profile picture, username, a selected tribe, and a few questions. With that, you can start getting matches in a few minutes.

The apps connect you to mostly people in your area. So, it’s very fast to meet your match on Grindr. One interesting thing about this app is that it’s almost free to use. It supports different ads. For the premium plan known as Grindr Extra, it is ads-free and allows you to choose many tribes.

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6. Her

Her is another social media networking and dating app that is focused on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer people.

On Her, you sign up with your Instagram and Facebook accounts. Hence, you can view the posts, stories, and activities of verified Her users. From there, you can like and comment on their posts. Once the likes and comments by two like minds becomes mutual, Her will set them up for chat.

Beyond dating and hook-ups, the app also share news, information, and events about the LGBTQ family. It is free to use most of the features, but a premium subscription will offer you more advanced features.

7. Facebook

Facebook is a very popular social media platform that has a feature called “Facebook dating,” which has been in existence for many years now.

The aim of Facebook dating is to help people find life partners, and not for hook-ups. To use Facebook Dating, all you have to do is create a Facebook dating profile. From there, Facebook will suggest potential partners for you based on your interests, preferences, and activities on the platform.

Actually, when you are using a Facebook dating profile, Facebook won’t show people you already know unless you are using the secret crush feature.

With it, you are allowed to choose up to nine Facebook or Instagram followers or friends in whom you are very much interested.

Like other dating apps, you can use features like voice messages and video chats by using the Facebook Messenger app.

8. Hinge

Hinge is a dating app that, unlike most other dating apps, promotes relationships built with interesting conversations. The point is clear, as the app’s goal is to get you to the point where you delete the app from your phone, not just because you’ve found what you wanted and decided to dump it, but because you’ve found the real kind of partner that you’ve always wanted.

On the app, several recommendations are shown to users every day. Then you can swipe to get more information about someone you are interested in and even like or comment on something on their profile. That can be a start of mutuality between two might-be partners.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they introduced a feature called “Date from Home.” Other features you can get from the premium package include boosting your appearance in searches, standout features that can help you get recommended to certain types of people, and much more.

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9.  eHarmony

eHarmony has been the online dating app business for quite some years now. Once you sign up for the app, you are given a questionnaire to determine the type of person who can match up with you.

So, every day, the app will recommend a number of people whose tastes match yours based on the questionnaire. For premium users, features like checking who viewed your profile recently are accessible.

10. Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meet Bagel takes a different approach from the other top dating apps. It focuses more on quantity than quality.

Men are everyday recommended a selection of potential dates to choose from based on their profiles and preferences, while women are shown a number of people who have shown interest in them and can then choose who they prefer among them.

Once the woman has shown interest in a man and the attraction becomes mutual, the app will set up a 7-day chat window, which will further determine what happens next.

The new version of the app is also packed with the ability to like and comment on profiles and photos in an effort to boost mutuality among its users.


Many of these apps are built to serve different interests. If it’s a life partner, a sex partner, a friend, or just a date you are looking for, you can get them on these apps. Not just that, you get to choose what you want that person to possess and also get to know the person with special features like voice and video chats before you plan on meeting up.

In order for us to choose these apps as the best relationship apps in 2023, we had to make use of things like user reviews, popularity, and features. Anyone might have another perspective on the ones listed here, but these are obviously the best relationship apps in 2023.

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