top lucrative courses to study in nigeria
top lucrative courses to study in nigeria

Top lucrative courses to study in Nigeria, pub-4436339061114352, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Are you aspiring to go to a higher institution to study your dream course? Or are you a jambites who want to know the top lucrative courses to study in Nigeria? Worry no more as this post is meant to clarify how to choose the best lucrative course.

Gone are the days when Students just go to school to study the course that they are passionate about, having a passion for a course is not bad anyways, but the most important thing is the lucrative nature of the course or what the course can bring to your table at the end of the day.

There are several courses available on the jamb procure, Most of those courses are not lucrative in the Nigerian labor market.

You should understand that, a course being lucreative doesn’t mean that it is easy to get employed. It means that you can make a huge amount of money practicing those courses.

Top lucrative courses in Nigeria.

1#. Pharmacy 

For us, this course is very lucrative. You are likely to make it big in Nigeria with this course.  No house household in Nigeria can do without medicine, people get sick too often and drugs are always in demand. The best thing about this course is that it’s self-employed. Upon the completion of your study, you might decide to get a job in the government or private sector or even establish your pharmacy. Pharmacy is the study of drugs and how it works in the human system. To make huge money in this profession we suggest you go into community pharmacy.

2#.  Medicine & Surgery 

In Nigeria, how doctors are treated will make one think that this course is not lucrative, but that is not true.  With this course, you stand a chance of making it big.  One reason why we love this course is that you won’t depend on the government for employment.  If you decide to travel to a country like the US, getting a job won’t be difficult for you.  The majority of the people that studied this course get employed almost immediately after graduation.

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3#. Agriculture 

Agriculture is a Gold mine that has been so much Underrated by Nigerian students. But the irony remains that 60% of those students upon graduation in one way or another other practice agriculture.  Just like pharmacy, Food is a primary need of man as other raw material that comes from the agricultural sector. With this course, you stand a chance of making it big financially. You can decide to go into food processing, fish farming, poultry farming, and other Agricultural sub-sector.

4#. ICT

Believe it or not, in this 21st century ICT is among the top lucrative courses to go into.  ICT stands for information and Communication Technology. ICT is any course related to computers. At times those who study ICT and know their onions are referred to as computer or tech gurus. If you get employed you will be paid well and also you can be self-employed and still make your money.

5#. Dentistry & Dental Surgery

Dentistry is the study of the oral cavity (teeth). We know that most of you will argue why dentistry will be at number five, the truth is that according to (CONHESS) both doctors and dentists are paid on the same salary scale.  However, why it came 5th on our rating is that the employability is not high like that of doctors. Dentists, just like doctors, also have the opportunity to work overseas and make huge money. In countries like the US, dentists are paid more than doctors but in Nigeria,  They are paid the same amount.


6#. Nursing and Midwives

For employment rate, nurses are advantageous, they easily get employed by both private and government-owned hospitals. Year in, and year out there is always a high demand for nurses. When they have much experience, they can become “matron” or “patron” as the case may be. They are highly paid and also can work overseas too.

7#.  Engineering

To be honest, all types of engineering are lucreative if they are employed in a big firm.  Some branches of engineering include petrochemical, mechanical, civil, electrical, and a whole lot of others.  Engineers do make it big especially if you Study petrochemical or civil engineering.  Why we like civil engineering is that you can easily become self-employed by owning your construction industry. They are well paid both in Nigeria and overseas, however, the only disadvantage of those engineers can hardly stand alone during the early stage of their career.

8#. Business Administration 

Business administration is also among the lucrative courses to study in Nigeria. As we all know that business rules the world, and each year new businesses spring out. Of course, the richest Black man in the world, Aliko Dangote is a businessman.  With the knowledge you gather studying this course, you can decide to become an entrepreneur and run your own business or manage other people’s businesses.

9#. Medical Laboratory Science

Why this course came at number nine is that nowadays there are a lot of other courses or professions that can also do what a lab scientist can do.   Hospitals now prefer to employ biochemists, or microbiologists, the reason for this is that med lab science has covered both biochemistry and microbiology.  They are also well paid and can become an entrepreneur running their private lab.

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10#.  Law 

Presently, we don’t think that law is as lucrative as it was in the past.  However, people in this profession know how they make their money and remain comfortable. With hard work and dedication, they can become barristers, SAN, or even join politics.

11#.  Economics

Economics is also a good course to study. One thing we like about this course is that those who study it can work almost anywhere. You can work in sectors like the education sector, business sector, banking sector, and so on. Their salaries are also encouraging.


In summary, our faces are different, so our futures are different. Look within yourself and know your weakness and strength before choosing any course to study.  Put in your best in any course you choose and see doors opening for you. And if you are in Nigeria, don’t forget to get a skill, even while you study your dream course.

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