How to Become a Paga POS Agent

You’ve likely wondered how to become a Paga POS agent and you’ve probably asked how to begin, the costs, and how you can make money as a Paga POS agent. You’ll also find that only solid business methods will enable you to survive in this business, considering the pace at which POS is expanding., pub-4436339061114352, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

We all know that becoming a POS Paga agent is one thing, and it’s quite another to do to follow the guidelines to make money through it with the right amount of direction and professional understanding. This is why we have created this step-by-step guide on how to become a POS agent with Paga. Continue reading to learn more.

Who is a Paga Agent?

A Paga agent is a well-trained retailer who has official authorization from the company to provide its services to other people. As an agent, you are expected to work with the clients and execute various tasks. Although it is preferable to have your own business or work with people already. So, when you become a Paga POS agent, it simply means you will be working for Paga.

Can I Make Money on Paga?

Of course, you can make money on Paga. Many individuals who have become Paga agents are making real money through it. Put to mind, as a Paga agent, when you perform any transaction, you earn a commission like paying customers’ bills, making deposits, etc. Plus other bonuses and incentives which we roll out at intervals. The more you perform transactions, the more you make money.

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Is Paga Agent Registration Free?

Yes. Registering as a Paga Agent will cost you no money. You are only expected to pay the token of N30,000 to Paga if you need a POS terminal.

How to become a Paga POS agent 

It’s not difficult to become a Paga POS agent. The process is straightforward. But there is the step by step guidelines for becoming a successful Paga POS agent. Let’s get started.

  • First, visit the website by clicking on on your android, iOS, or PC.
  • Second, click on the option “become a Paga Agent”. Once you do that, you will be redirected to another page that notes the responsibilities and opportunities for a Paga POS agent along with the benefits of being a Paga agent.
  • Third, Fill out the form you will see on the right side of the page written “Agent Interest” form.
  • Fourth, be careful while filling out the forms. Input your accurate details and also check their authenticity.
  • Finally, submit your details and wait for the Paga team to contact you.

If you don’t find these steps easy, there is always a simpler way to become a Paga POS agent. Just send an email to This email should contain your registration details. The Paga team will then contact you after this.

Which Documents do I Need to Become a Paga POS Agent?

As earlier insinuated, becoming a Paga POS agent isn’t a difficult task. To ease the process, there are certain details you are expected to keep. They are_

  • Your ID card (National ID card, Driver’s license, Voter’s card, or international passport)
  • Your Nepa bill
  • Passport photograph.
  • Registered Business License
  • BVN
  • Valid Account Number
  • Your details (full name, gender, phone number, state of origin, local government, and contact address)
  • Email address

These details are necessary during the registration process.

How do I Make Money as a Paga POS Agent?

Undoubtedly, as a Paga POS agent, there are many ways to earn passive income. Below are ways to make money as a Paga POS agent. Check out below.

  • When you create Paga accounts for your customers, you earn commissions from them for life.
  • Any transaction you perform has the commission to earn.
  • You are expected to receive monthly bonuses monthly from Paga as you execute transactions.
  • By offering agent virtual services.
  • Offering business capital support to your customers.

How does Paga POS charge?

When you withdraw, Paga charges 0.55% and also charges N30 flat on every deposit regardless of the amount.

This means as you withdraw for a customer, Paga POS will charge you N5.5 for every N1000 and you will be charged N30 for any amount you transfer whether on the POS or their app.

Now, let’s look at each amount and its charges.

Amount (N)Charges (N)

How Can I Contact Paga?

To contact Paga, you can only reach out through the following ways:

  • Their Phone Number: Call or message them at 07000007242 Or 012777160
  • You can email them via
  • Reach them through @paga on Twitter
  • Their Facebook: @mypaga
  • If you want to have a Live chat, then you can reach them through www.mypaga.

What are the Responsibilities of a Paga Agent?

To become a successful Paga POS agent. The following are your responsibilities.

  • Registration of new clients.
  • Giving your help to users.
  • Finalizing financial transactions of your clients only if they need your services.
  • Assisting users to load cash into their accounts.
  • Helping customers to withdraw cash.

Which Capital do I Need to Start A Paga POS Business?

There is no specific amount to start a Paga POS business. The choice is yours. You are to decide on the capital. You should look at how demanding the POS is in your location. Check out how much traffic you get in your outlet. It will guide you to know if you. will be needing N100,000 to N500,000. There is a variation of the capital which depends on your location.

Bottom Line

We have listed the necessary information about the Paga POS agent. It is very simple to become a Paga POS agent. Remember, registrations are free. But to make huge money from it, secure a good location and be kind to your customers.

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