Do you know you can keep track of your personal finances in just a few clicks? With a few apps on your gadgets, doing that will be a very simple task.

Imagine automating all the voluminous financial books on one device. That what having the world in your pocket means.

In this article, we shall be discussing the best personal financial management applications. You can avail yourself the opportunity to learn about them below. But before we proceed, let us discuss how to make the best choice.

How To Choose The Best Personal Finance Software

To choose a personal finance management app suitable for you, you must ask the following questions:

•What are the features available to you?

• What tools are available in the app to ensure smooth operations?

• What are the objectives of the app?

 • How does the app function?

The answers to the above questions will lead you to making the best decisions.

For instance, if what you want is a software that allows shared wallets and you downloaded a different one, you will be disappointed. You would have lost a lot in time, data, and motivation.

The only way you can escape the pitfall is to read to the end of this piece. This is because we have selected the best app with a detailed explanation of the features, uses, mechanisms, etc.

What Does It Cost To Buy Personal Finance Management Software?

The great thing about these apps is that they are available for everybody. You can have access to them even if you can’t afford even one cent.

This is because there are free versions and premium versions, and it is one of the selection criteria. While the free version is available for you to use at anytime, any day, it is limited in functionality, features, and the number of tools.

Then, for the paid or premium version, different developers have priced theirs differently. A paid personal finance software, on the other hand, will typically cost between $20 and $25.

With the budget mentioned above, you will get access to the full functionality, features, and all the tools they can offer. So, if you can afford it, we advise you to get the one that suit your need, because you can never get it wrong with them.

The Best Personal Finance Apps For Windows, and iOS Devices

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 For Android, We have made the best selection of the apps you can use to manage your finances. While we were doing the rough work, we considered the available features, the tools, their uses, and the general portability of the apps.

Portability here means that they are available for a wide range of devices, including Android, Windows, and iOS. Therefore, having said all that, let’s jump right into it.

  1. Quicken

Quicken is one of the finest personal finance management software programs. The app is designed to help you solve all of your money management issues. Some of the areas this app can help you in include, but are not limited to, budget drafting, debt recording, savings, etc.

It doesn’t end there, Quicken will also help you automate your bill payment so you don’t pay penalties. It is also set up with an Excel exporting package, which enables you to manage your data effectively.

In addition, Quicken keeps track of your total assets to the level of estimating your accurate net worth. This app goes beyond just being a personal management app, but it also helps manage business finances.

The app has both a premium iOS version and an Android version and a Windows version.

  1. Mint, Intuit’s

This is a must-have piece of personal finance software. Mint is designed to provide you with a complete overview of your finances on one device.

In the quest to effectively manage your finances, this app integrates your credit and debit cards with your account. As a result, it synchronizes your entire transaction as well as analyzes and displays your spending. Just like the first app we explained, it also shows your credit score.

Mint will assist you in budgeting and bill payment so that you do not lose track of your utility payments. The use of Mint doesn’t end there. It will allow you to keep track of all your investments and also reveal the circumstances surrounding the health of your credit score. It’s also available on Android, iOS, and Windows.

  1. Personal Capital

This is a great financial management software developed by Bill Harris. Bill is one of the most experienced developers in the financial technology industry.

His app, “Personal Capital,” is a one-stop shop for all your personal finance management.

Harris understands that most individuals lack money literacy. He developed an app that would allow them to present their portfolio in a nutshell.

Personal Capital does all of the grunt work and difficult calculations for you, and in just a few clicks, you can see your spending, budget, investment, utility bills, and credit score.


This app doesn’t end with just personal finance; it also works for businesses. One unique feature is that you can chat with live financial experts whenever you need advice. Those specialists are always handy, 24/7, to give you all the help you would ever want.

It is also built with artificial intelligence features that allow you to manage your risk, explore other opportunities and expose hidden charges you may have been paying unknowingly.

Iv. Prism

Prism, unlike the other finance apps explained above, is more of a billing management software. Adding your bill to this app will remind you of your utility bill payment due date.

With this, you will escape the hazards of late payment of bills, which also include loss of funds through penalties. It is also designed to allow you to automate your bill, so you won’t have to tolerate chances. When you do this, the prism pays your bills on or before the due date, according to how you set them.

One unique feature about this tool is that it makes payment of bills seamless in a way that accommodates multiple billers in a single app. So, you have no business logging into different accounts to pay your bills.

Unlike some other companies that sell their software on a subscription basis, Prism is different. It is setup to charge utility providers a small fee as the cost of helping them maintain early payment. That’s only when the companies have chosen to sign up for that service anyway.

Prism is owned by a group of 12 entrepreneurs, among whom is Tyler Griffin. The company’s headquarters are located in Seattle.

As part of their growth plan, they are currently working on a project that will help them expand to other cities around the United States and beyond. And like other apps under review, there are different versions: Android, iOS, and Windows.

  1. Spendee

Spendee is one of the best personal finance software packages. Everybody needs it. It’s different from other financial management apps. While others allow only one user, the spendee can be shared among many users.

For example, if you want to share the software with your family, it’s very simple. It has the feature of creating a shared wallet. This is very useful in situations where there are shared expenses, like between spouses and siblings. It will avoid the crisis that may arise from the inevitable mix-up.


You just need to connect the accounts from where the fund would be drawn, and boom. It will analyze the data therein and present to you the exact picture of your monthly expenses.

The beauty of this app is that you can create wallets for different events and manage them differently. And it is built with bill tracking features that will remind you to pay your bills promptly.

This will help you avoid the pitfalls of late payment of your bills. You can even add expenses manually to further create more accurate data for managing your expenses. 

  • Mobill

Have you ever thought of an app that could help you organize and categorize your spending? This is software that will help you keep track of your monthly expenditure. 

At the same time, Mobill will help you organize your budget down to the last cent, showing you your bank and cash balance.

One feature that distinguishes Mobill from other finance software is that it’s built with live charts that enable you to explore your financial standing in a jiffy. This will show you the true picture of your finances, so you’ll be able to effect changes where necessary.

With Mobill, you can link your transaction documents, like credit cards or debit cards. Once you link these documents, it displays your expenses in simple and clear terms.

If you are passionate about harmonizing your personal finances using Mobill, all you have to do is download the app and upgrade to the premium version. However, if you are not buoyant enough to purchase the paid version, you can get the free app while you afford to buy the paid version.


One or two financial management software programs on your device can save you a whole lot. It can save you time, stress, space, money, and all that.

Try one of the above listed tools. You will have no regrets.

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